Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wind chill? What's this you call a wind chill?

After finding out that tomatoes aren't in season until August (but mostly September), and that peas are 'early' by coming up in June, a co-worker sent me this picture of a freak July 4th Blizzard in 1991, 'not to freak me out or anything' ...

Thankfully, these types of events are rare, and if any sort of snow happens in July it's more likely to be a light dusting ... which I also learned is the type of snow I've experienced earlier this week, and that you don't need boots to walk through. Well, I'm wearing my snow boots (my nicer looking ones anyway, the ones I mean to wear when it's not too bad weather-wise outside). And in anticipation for tomorrow's weather, I put my liner back into the rest of the winter coat.

Tomorrow's weather will be (drum roll please) ... with a wind chill of -10 to -15. So not only do I get to experience wind chill for the first time, but a particularly chilly one!

I went for a walk this morning, not too bad. And then I caught a co-worker as she was running out the door, and made sure to look at the weather when I got back so I could report how cold it was when I wasn't wearing a hat or a jacket: feeling like 9, and actually 21 (or something around there).

People talk about the weather a lot here. So, to follow trends, you get this post. And I'll report on how tomorrow goes later, and then write a post about what seed savers is, exactly. Probably this weekend. I have plans to socialize tonight, and possibly tomorrow night! Look at me!


  1. My name's Christy, I make sooooo many friends! Look at meeeee! It is good to see that you are adjusting well. Not many people can jump right into a new life like you are; I am proud!

  2. Holy crap. That was a good 5 minute belly laugh :D As a gullible Callifornian who survived six winters in New England/DC, I can totally empathize. (Patrick, however, is still ROFL...). Glad you like the snow! I always thought it made the cold weather worth while. We head over to Minnesota next week...brrrrrr...but the plans are to go cross country skiing and ice fishing, so I'm excited! Looking forward to more stories. Miss ya!