Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When it's this cold ...

So far, I have not frozen. I have not fallen on my ass, and have not complained about the cold. I walk to work up the hill, and with my winter gear - it's actually not that cold. I'm trying to thicken my blood a little, so I am only wearing my jacket liner instead of the full winter jacket ... it's the warmest part, anyway. And I love my fancy winter boots ... I have more industrious looking ones for when it's more snowy.

At ten I went for a walk with some office folk, and found it to be a little windy. But my jacket kept me warm, and only my cheeks were a little cold. It was somewhere in the lower 20s. I've looked up the forecast for the week, and because most of the cloud cover is gone, it's going to get colder ... down to the teens on Friday. The interesting thing about this is that when the fancy phone application explaining weather gets to this date, there is no 'partly cloudy' icon - but instead, a little blue bubble that says 'cold'. I'm excited to see what it feels like. I'm half tempted to go outside at night when it gets to the single digits to see what that feels like, but I may have to experience that during the day so ... I'll wait.

The one thing I wish that stupid phone application did was tell me what it feels like ... because with wind chill and humidity, it often feels colder than it is, and that's the shit that matters.

At work, I feel somewhat important. I have projects of my own, I'm included on projects with others, and what I say and think matters. I know this is probably what I was hired for, but it's so different than before that it's still surprising to me. I like it. And I love this company, and I love what we're doing, and I feel so lucky to be here. And taken aback, in part too, because hundreds of people are going to read what I write and see what I contribute. Eeeks! I just wish that intrinsic knowledge that comes from doing this job came from a book, because then I wouldn't have to know so little going into this year. Like, when does one harvest various vegetables? BUT - I also realized that this job is what I need to make what I've learned mean something, it's the hands on knowledge that gives power to what I know. So either way, I'm going to learn a lot and enjoy this job.

I'm including a picture of my desk and view. The picture was dark because I was using my phone and it was during the afternoon, but you can still get the idea. It's ah-mazing. And apparently in the spring, they keep the cows having baby cows up by the office, so I can see them everyday too. YES.

I miss my friends in California. I crave friendship. The adventure I'm on is solitary - I work, then go to the house and attempt to try new things. I'm doing what I can in winter - I went knitting on Monday night, I'm going to a 'Make Your Own' ornament workshop tomorrow, and plan on trying out the library and the post office soon, too. I am thinking of taking myself out to eat this weekend, and maybe coaxing co-workers into something of that nature too. Apparently they went dancing last night, and may go bowling tonight - next week I'm invited for the dancing and I'm excited.

I have been researching Decorah and shit to do here as if it were a term paper. I have so many magazines, websites, names and numbers of everything ... if this place could use a wiki (which it could), I could make it with what I'm attempting to figure out. Eventually that proves useful, right? And really, I need to remind myself that I haven't even been here a week. Friendships take a while to build, and housing may take time to discover. But no matter what, I'm not being left out int he cold, I like my job, and I have some access to internet where I can connect with my old life. Though, the limited internet access isn't all that bad ... I'm getting lots of reading time!

It feels weird for it to be Christmas, since it's so not a part of my life right now. I did buy a mini tree for my room, and I put an ornament on my desk and am starting to write Christmas cards. But without internet, I can't listen to the music. So to make myself happy last night, I watched the old version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - which was on sale in a set from Walmart. Oh yes, dear friends - I am to become a Walmart shopper. It has everyone one needs in a small town. With time, I'll figure out more shopping options - but at least for now, I know where the Walmart is, and I know what I can get there if I need things.

But here's what's really important, friends - I'm going to be giving a webinar in July on how to hand-pollinate corn, and I expect all of you to attend. Because of course, all of you care. I'm excited, in any case, heh.


  1. Hello Christie!

    Your adventure sounds amazing. I was just getting caught up. You're job sounds interesting... what is it exactly that the Seed Exchange does? Maybe if you've got a minute that could be the topic of a blog entry.


  2. Oh, good idea! I will definitely do such by this weekend! So far, I'm still learning all the ins and outs ... and as far as today goes, I've been sitting in front of computers all day and I'm ready to stretch a bit and relax in bed!

  3. Patrick, a native cold-blooded Minnesotan, was thoroughly entertained by your techniques to adapt to the cold. His words of advice are..."don't lick the yellow snow!" Your office and job in general sound amazing and we look forward to reading more of your stories. Sending warmest wishes from SoCal...C and P

  4. I second the request for more information on what you will be doing! I did a little google-searching on my own and found some interesting information (and about a dozen types of seed I will be ordering as soon as I have somewhere to put a garden) but I would love to hear more from an insider. Stay warm Miss Christy, you are missed!