Friday, December 9, 2011

... well I'm gullible.

So that co-worker was totally pulling a fast one on me. That picture is from a blizzard on Halloween, which is still rare ... but something like that will never happen in July. I just happen to believe people when they tell me things! Ahaha, I'll be watching myself now that I have a reputation for being gullible.

I did learn, however, that summers are hot and humid. See, I have no fear of the cold. I think it's exciting. I was pleased that it was 4 degrees when I left the house today, and there was a windchill of 0 when I was coming home. But hot and humid? This is what I fear. I can do dry heat, no problem. But humidity is a beast all of it's own, and I have no idea how to prepare myself for that.

Aside from the weather ...

Last night, I went to a need-felting class at ArtHaus, a creative-art and theater work/etc type of studio downtown. It was really fantastic! A handful of women were there, and we all needle felted Christmas ornaments. It was so fantastic to be socializing with such friendly people and to make crafts! I felt so happy after. I made a little tree for the bear on my desk, and this adorable owl for my mini-tree in my room:

ArtHaus is awesome. They offer all kinds of awesome artsy classes, as well as yoga. I'm already planning on signing up for almost everything - especially a silk scarf printing class! And how about beginning Spanish through reading?

In further 'Christy is leaving the house!' news, the other 'new guy at work' came into town this weekend with his girlfriend and dog, so my house won't be as lonely! And guess what's trippy? They're coming from Davis, too! This makes three Davis related people at Seed Savers Exchange, though one of them is moving back mid-January. Weird though, right? I'm excited to know people who understand where I'm coming from, and I'm really happy to have someone else that's starting out new - it helps with the whole 'making new friends' thing because we're in the same boat.

I'm working on making new friends. Even though two of my co-workers are leaving in the next few weeks, I'm joining them to go to some small town around here for Algerian food tomorrow. I've forced my phone number on a handful of people, and hope that the 'oh hey, yea, I don't know anybody in town and I need some friends since one can only eat alone so many times' thing works.

... no news on housing. I did make a contact with a Realtor, so he's going to let me know if he hears anything. I'm trying!


  1. Very cute owl! And I just love that it's called ArtHaus! That sounds like (what should be) the name of the artsy-craftsy section of our blog, if we should ever do anything artsy-craftsy.

  2. Isn't it great? The name alone makes me want to take a bunch of classes from there, and it makes me think of you constantly!