Sunday, December 4, 2011

A place meant for post cards and calendars.

Today was an extremely successful day.

It snowed overnight, so I got to try out my new ice scraper! I also now understand the true usefulness of a defroster ... I only hope that next time it snows and freezes, I will be able to pry open my door again without resorting to heated water treatments. I'm not holding my breath.

My car is fitted with new tires and ready for the cold as far as I can tell. I'm almost ready too - today I found out that snow is crunchy, and when the ground is exposed it doesn't necessarily mean it's safer. It actually is quite slippery.

I found the local co-op, and the smell of the place and familiarity of the products made me feel at home. It's quite a bit smaller, but they have good stuff there. I still have a few more grocery stores to try out before I find my main digs ... like Davis, things are a little bit more expensive at the co-op.

I got a newspaper, and have called every rental listing only to find that no one wants Bailey to live with me. But people here own dogs, so I called every real estate agency (like ten) to see if they could help me find a rental for us. Bailey will be with me no matter what you say, Decorah!

I also explored the grounds at Seed Savers Exchange - I'm staying at the farm house until I find my own place, and the farm house is up the hill from the big red barn and visitors center, and down the hill from the offices where I will be working. So I went to try out these paths, and kept going along the Oak Woodland path. It was awesome - a snow laden forest with deer prints all over! I even scared off a small group of them. The imagery of this place is the stuff of postcards and calendars, and it feels amazing to be tramping all over such scenic spaces. So pretty.

My favorite part of Decorah so far is this gigantic windmill for wind power that sits opposite of the town (wtf are they called? Windmills make me think of old wooden things, not big white modern ones). There's just the one, and it just looks so odd all by itself. I love it.

Until I get my computer hooked up with internet, here's just one picture for you of my woodland hike this morning - view of the grounds at Seed Savers Exchange.

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