Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tetris: real world edition.

I am beyond impressed at how much stuff I fit into my car. I only have a few bigger items to get when I come back for Bailey, and it's probable I may have to ship a box or two of books. Otherwise, my worldly possessions sit in my car and await eventual unloading. Should I need a particular item or if I happen to get a flat tire, then things may get messy - but that's the fun part right?

I'm excited. I realized today that this is what I've been waiting so very long for - a job I'll love, in a new place with a new life direction. I didn't expect it to happen in Iowa, and to be thrown in at the beginning of Winter - but that's okay. This is good. And the whole winter aspect will just make it more entertaining for my California friends!

I'm sad to leave my friends - thank you to everyone who came out to de Vere's or spent time with me in the last few weeks. I really appreciate it. And while I failed to take many pictures of these very special people, I took many pictures of the food I was eating. Because that's helpful.

See? Pictures of food. No picture of Hubert, who joined me for this classic Californian meal. 
Expect many more updates now that my adventure is to start. I'll be blogging from my phone for the next few days, so be patient if the formating is odd or there are typos. Ciao, Davis! Next stop - Utah!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Five Days!

I leave in five days. At this point, most all of my things are packed up and ready to go. I sold my bed last week, and only have what I really need left just waiting to be put in my car or a suitcase.

It's weird - for a while, I felt like this wasn't really real - moving to Iowa, leaving all of what I know and love. But lately, as I can say "I leave Thursday," I'm starting to be nervous. It begins with thinking about things, trying to imagine what life will be like. Where will I do this? What will that be like? Will they have this? Can I find that? I can't imagine those things. And they're minor, sure - but it's an indication that I don't have any idea of what life is even going to be like in Iowa.

I have a PO box in Decorah now, so that's somewhat legit.

For now, I'm doing a whole lot of lasts - last hang out, last burrito at guad's, last In and Out burger, last day at work ... they don't feel like lasts, but I'm taking pictures and taking my time so I can savor it all and look back fondly. I'm also trying to take as many pictures of my friends as possible so that I can print them out when I get to Iowa and avoid winter blues. Trouble is, I keep forgetting - and I don't have many good pictures of my friends and I, so if you have some - send them my way!

I hope the food in Decorah is good. I've been spoiled in Davis. I'm going to miss you, super burrito with pastor and black beans.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

... all that cold? really?

It's interesting to gauge the reactions of people when I tell them I'm moving to Iowa. For the most part people are excited for me, they wish me luck and tell me to drive safe. And then several people unconsciously scare me as to the adventure ahead with stories of driving in the snow and living in all that cold. I've heard stories of black ice, I've gotten advice for sealing my car and practicing driving in car lots, I've been told to keep a tow guy's number in my phone and extra boots in the car just in case I end up in a ditch (which happens). And then, a whole subset of people tell me that this adventure is great, the experience will be fantastic, and in a few years when I come back I'll really appreciate all of this. "Well, I'm not planning on coming back quite yet - I don't know what a few years holds, but I have no plans to just come back then," I tell myself. I have yet to experience the winters, and maybe they realize more than I do how little one wants to live in that sort of cold. I don't know ... I probably really don't know what I'm getting into.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I'm massively downsizing my stuff. I have a lot of it - I have severe pack rat tendencies. So I'm going through everything, and getting rid of everything that I have but never use, that I want to use or wear but don't, or don't actually have a use for. I'm going to have a garage sale to share the wealth, and then donate the rest. I have to be able to fit everything I want to take in two carloads, with maybe a box or two shipped (with books, most likely) at a later date. The only 'big stuff' I can take is my trunk - and maybe my dresser, but probably not. I'll be living out of boxes for a while!

It's exhilarating to get rid of this stuff, and to start new in a sense. I'm surprised at how little the pack rat side of me is resisting. It's also a little disturbing that I have collected so much stuff over the years, and if I were to live somewhere else in California, I'd take it all with me.

At the very least, my collection of cardboard boxes will come in useful.

The fact that I'm moving is also settling down rather heavy. I don't know if it's a slowly bubbling up stress of all that needs to happen before I move or if it's just the realization of the task ahead. It helps to have support, so thanks to all those who are excited for me and helping me along the way.

Friday, November 11, 2011

About to be kicked in the butt by ADVENTURE.

Garrett and Claire accompanied me to REI for winter gear today. Garrett grew up where it's cold, which is why he found Claire in Arizona and they both ended up in California. I'm in for a world of hurt, according to him. But that's okay.

Like my goods? Include long underwear and wool socks to the mix, I'm just about ready for the cold.

Advice for Iowa.

GS: If a boy asks if you would like a ride in his combine, say yes.
CJ: (whispered) That means you're going to have sex.
GS: That combine will practically drive itself.