Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tetris: real world edition.

I am beyond impressed at how much stuff I fit into my car. I only have a few bigger items to get when I come back for Bailey, and it's probable I may have to ship a box or two of books. Otherwise, my worldly possessions sit in my car and await eventual unloading. Should I need a particular item or if I happen to get a flat tire, then things may get messy - but that's the fun part right?

I'm excited. I realized today that this is what I've been waiting so very long for - a job I'll love, in a new place with a new life direction. I didn't expect it to happen in Iowa, and to be thrown in at the beginning of Winter - but that's okay. This is good. And the whole winter aspect will just make it more entertaining for my California friends!

I'm sad to leave my friends - thank you to everyone who came out to de Vere's or spent time with me in the last few weeks. I really appreciate it. And while I failed to take many pictures of these very special people, I took many pictures of the food I was eating. Because that's helpful.

See? Pictures of food. No picture of Hubert, who joined me for this classic Californian meal. 
Expect many more updates now that my adventure is to start. I'll be blogging from my phone for the next few days, so be patient if the formating is odd or there are typos. Ciao, Davis! Next stop - Utah!

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