Saturday, November 26, 2011

Five Days!

I leave in five days. At this point, most all of my things are packed up and ready to go. I sold my bed last week, and only have what I really need left just waiting to be put in my car or a suitcase.

It's weird - for a while, I felt like this wasn't really real - moving to Iowa, leaving all of what I know and love. But lately, as I can say "I leave Thursday," I'm starting to be nervous. It begins with thinking about things, trying to imagine what life will be like. Where will I do this? What will that be like? Will they have this? Can I find that? I can't imagine those things. And they're minor, sure - but it's an indication that I don't have any idea of what life is even going to be like in Iowa.

I have a PO box in Decorah now, so that's somewhat legit.

For now, I'm doing a whole lot of lasts - last hang out, last burrito at guad's, last In and Out burger, last day at work ... they don't feel like lasts, but I'm taking pictures and taking my time so I can savor it all and look back fondly. I'm also trying to take as many pictures of my friends as possible so that I can print them out when I get to Iowa and avoid winter blues. Trouble is, I keep forgetting - and I don't have many good pictures of my friends and I, so if you have some - send them my way!

I hope the food in Decorah is good. I've been spoiled in Davis. I'm going to miss you, super burrito with pastor and black beans.

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