Tuesday, November 15, 2011

... all that cold? really?

It's interesting to gauge the reactions of people when I tell them I'm moving to Iowa. For the most part people are excited for me, they wish me luck and tell me to drive safe. And then several people unconsciously scare me as to the adventure ahead with stories of driving in the snow and living in all that cold. I've heard stories of black ice, I've gotten advice for sealing my car and practicing driving in car lots, I've been told to keep a tow guy's number in my phone and extra boots in the car just in case I end up in a ditch (which happens). And then, a whole subset of people tell me that this adventure is great, the experience will be fantastic, and in a few years when I come back I'll really appreciate all of this. "Well, I'm not planning on coming back quite yet - I don't know what a few years holds, but I have no plans to just come back then," I tell myself. I have yet to experience the winters, and maybe they realize more than I do how little one wants to live in that sort of cold. I don't know ... I probably really don't know what I'm getting into.

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