Sunday, November 13, 2011


I'm massively downsizing my stuff. I have a lot of it - I have severe pack rat tendencies. So I'm going through everything, and getting rid of everything that I have but never use, that I want to use or wear but don't, or don't actually have a use for. I'm going to have a garage sale to share the wealth, and then donate the rest. I have to be able to fit everything I want to take in two carloads, with maybe a box or two shipped (with books, most likely) at a later date. The only 'big stuff' I can take is my trunk - and maybe my dresser, but probably not. I'll be living out of boxes for a while!

It's exhilarating to get rid of this stuff, and to start new in a sense. I'm surprised at how little the pack rat side of me is resisting. It's also a little disturbing that I have collected so much stuff over the years, and if I were to live somewhere else in California, I'd take it all with me.

At the very least, my collection of cardboard boxes will come in useful.

The fact that I'm moving is also settling down rather heavy. I don't know if it's a slowly bubbling up stress of all that needs to happen before I move or if it's just the realization of the task ahead. It helps to have support, so thanks to all those who are excited for me and helping me along the way.


  1. You may already know...but if you have boxes that only contain books, you can ship them USPS media mail at a super cheap rate (it's like $25 for a 50lb box). Yay books!

  2. That's what I keep hearing! I can probably do this with my DVDs as well, right? I think I'm going to take advantage of this option for certain.

  3. You can send any media items that way, books, DVDs, CDs, papers... I sent 12 boxes that way when I moved out to Davis. :) Just be careful, I have a tendency to shove little stuff in the gaps and I ended up being charged full price for one of the boxes because it was inspected and there were "non-media items" in it.