Friday, January 20, 2012


Today it really snowed - upwards of six inches. And it was pretty awesome.

It's pretty deep, but oh-so-fluffy.

I discovered that it's really hard to concentrate at work when a snow storm is taking place outside. Especially when it's fluffy, powdery, jump through me snow. A good deal of my co-workers didn't come into work, and half of those that did left early. And because I haven't been sleeping very much, I find myself staring at the snow more than usual today.

I'm still really terrified to drive in the snow, and I have decided that the next time it snows, I'll will carpool. My body hasn't released the tension from the drive here, and is tensing up in anticipation of the drive home. I blame my weak-ass California sensibilities.

Otherwise, I have learned that just because it's says it's heavy snow, that doesn't mean the snow is heavy. In fact, because it's really cold the snow is 'dry' and powdery, and you can't make snowballs or snowmen out of it. Heavy snow fall just means a lot of snow fall.

I have failed to learn (and remember) that the insides of cars are cold. I'm used to the inside of my car being a bit colder than the inside of my house, but here - it's like being outside. It's really cold.

I have learned, somewhat in the difficult way, that you shouldn't touch metal without gloves. As in, when you're getting gas in the morning it's rather painful to touch the damn handle because there's metal there.

I have also learned that if there is enough snow, you can run and jump into it as if it's a body of water and it won't hurt, so when you go sledding it's not a problem to bail. I think this one will take a bit longer to really believe.

I have also experienced snot-freezing cold, and it feels like just what you'd imagine it feels like. Really cold, in a very weird way.

And so, this is the experience of a Californian during a winter storm.

This picture was taken because there are three of us here from California (although one of them is leaving this weekend to head back to Davis. That's right - all three of us Californians are from Davis, though the one staying here didn't live there very long). All three of us have Hondas as well, and I don't see very many Hondas around town.

There's a possibility of sledding this weekend, or (finally!) cross country skiing. I'll remember to bring my camera this time, and hopefully get snow pants beforehand.

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